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2014-02-11  Having given much thought as to how and when to start recording some of my thoughts and perceptions of my new ‘digs’, or to be more sophisticated with the Queen’s English, my new accommodations, today just seemed to be the right day to start the ball rolling,  so will jump in with all fours (literally).  Because time is of the essence, it is my intention to write down some happenings and observations concerning the Homo Sapiens who appear to have taken on the role of my well being and which, from my point of view, is proving to be rather interesting, to say the least.  May I say at this juncture, I am most grateful for their care and attention, but it can be both amusing and interesting, thus the reasons for my thoughts that, for now, I will simply call Musings of the Minster Mouser.  Being of the feline persuasion viewpoints may be slightly different than that of my counterpart, THE DOG, but feel only I can bring the sophistication and knowledge that will truly make this historical recording of my life a memorable one, of which I have no doubt.

Two things have motivated me to start my written record today.  One is the need for me to apparently have a name, and the other rumbling that I hear around the office concerns a visit to the Vet.  I’m not too sure what has precipitated this discussion, but expect I will know in a matter of days. Do hope I haven’t done anything wrong.

Now, regarding my ‘naming’, this seems to have taken on a life of its own and my Mistress (again, time constraints will not allow me to expand on her role in my life, but you can be rest assured this will follow in the days ahead), has been encouraging people to put money in a box and write down their choice as to what that they would like me to be called.  Both you and I know that being ‘called’ will result in no action from myself, as I have no intention of going (or coming), to anyone, simply because of a title.  Cats don’t respond to a name.  Dogs  - Yes.  Cats - No.  We have learned many years ago that it is important to have a mind of our own, and use it as well, so this really is an exercise in futility, but Mistress appears to think this is quite lovely, as does everyone else in this establishment.  They come by, place their hard earned cash in a glass receptacle (situated outside her office), write something on a piece of paper and then put it into the container with an extra slap on the top for good measure.  Haven’t figured out what this little slap action is all about, but everyone seems to do it, so guess it must be important.   One thing I have learned is that all the money placed in this box will be given to people who are going to Mexico in June to build two houses and provide new furnishing and food for those who have far less than I will ever know about, so guess I am fully responsible for the success of this little venture which makes me both proud and humble.      

2014-04-18  Am forwarding another picture of myself (which I think emphasizes my good side) while I continue to relax and participate in the life of the parish.

It has been so hectic lately that I haven't be able to find some downtime on my biography, however, I anticipate that after Easter things will return to normal and I will be able to concentrate on what is important, namely - myself!

2014-06-06 Must start on my blog again – my days seems to be quite full and getting shorter instead of longer … also have been doing a lot of sleeping lately … could be my age as I am older now!!


2015-12-09 I helped with the Christmas baskets.  Now, after a busy Christmas season, I’m ready for some rest and relaxation. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (Except mice!)

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