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It was a time of unemployment and poverty, compounded by returning Boer War veterans. A concerned Lloyd felt many of those suffering would find a new brighter future if they emigrated to Canada where homesteads were available for a ten dollar fee.  He wrote a Letter to the Editor of the London Times suggesting this solution. To his surprise he was deluged with letters from people interested in moving. At the same time, Isaac Barr was promoting a Canadian Colonization scheme so Lloyd took the letters to Barr.  The number of those wishing to emigrate had become thousands instead of the hundreds that Barr had intended. Lloyd was gradually drawn into helping Barr with the organization and when no chaplain could be found to accompany the group, Lloyd and his wife agreed to go along with their family of young children.

The Lloyds won the confidence of the Colonists in a way that Barr did not. Lloyd helped solve the many problems such as: crowded conditions on board ship, poor food, late trains, missing baggage, homesickness, high priced supplies and illnesses.  The Lloyds became admired by the travelers while Barr was blamed, sometimes unfairly, for everything that went wrong. Finally in Battleford there was a confrontation and Barr was deposed and Lloyd moved into leadership.