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William H. Hill
1925 - 2012

William Hill was born in Kingston, Jamaica and graduated from the prestigious Jesuit College - St. George’s.  He began his ministry nearby in the rural community of Linstead and later in Stoney Hill, now virtually a suburb of Kingston. Then there were five years of further ministry and study in the United States before he found himself labouring in the small parishes of Western Canada.

He served in Lashburn before becoming Rector of St. John’s Minster in 1972. During his time here the Parish Hall was constructed and funded, opening in 1975. The hall was to meet the needs of the hoped for church expansion while serving the community as a venue for music, drama and community events.  It was at the time, along with the high school auditorium, the only place in Lloydminster that could accommodate large gatherings.

There were also the controversies that seem so common in church life. The largest concerned how to respond to waning youth membership. The stressful tension between those wanting more enthusiastic ways and those more traditionalist led to Canon Hill’s departure in 1988.  He went on to serve again in smaller parishes and in replacement roles, eventually making his way to Burlington, ON where he passed away from kidney complications.

          To the right: Canon Hill with his wife Patricia
                             in the Parish Hall - 1988